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T. Limoges decorative plate

Hand painted from T. Limoges with a gold and blue gilt

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French Baby Cot

Cast Iron 19th century baby cot under restoration
Makes a great bedroom piece as it can also be converted into a little sofa style lazer. A must have for anybody with a French country theme to their house.

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Italian Design decorative plates

Maker Unknown at this time (can you help?)

Found at a local flea market but little is known about their origins so we would appreciate any help! I personally think that they may be from Venice or Genova and date between 1860 - 1920.
In saying that, a friend of mine pointed out the resemblance of the mark to the Vatican City or papal state... interesting no?

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1900 travel trunk

Leather clad travel trunk. probably early 20th century maybe late 19th (1880 - 1910)
Trunk stands up to reveal a dresser style inner. Stickers show travel to Argentina which is probably in line with the date estimate as many Italians emigrated to Argentina during that period.
These style of trunks were popular for long distance travel, usually it was a mid to high level of passage for the quality of this trunk.
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Various items from the Limoges label. All in immaculate condition and hardly used. Make an offer on what you see by leaving a comment but refer to one of the pictures here so we know which item.

Dining Table & 4 Chairs

Immaculate condition, probably pre-war 1930s Parisian made. Make an offer by leaving comments

Marconi Radio & Record Player

Probably 1940s, radio still works and the record player probably does too although as we have no records to test it with we can't be sure (but in very good condition and hardly used so... probably still does)
Some wear & tear on the cabinet and the speaker cover is torn in 2 small places although easy to replace so I'm told.
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