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1950s Leather Charm

Well about time I made a little update of some new finds which are all for sale in our Etsy Shop (click the tab called "Shop" to visit it)

The first is a little1950s charmer! A red leather clad men's cologne bottle in perfect condition! The red leather caught my eye whilst wandering around a flea market and at first I thought it was an over sized whiskey or liquor bottle, but once I opened it the aroma of expensive men's cologne rose up to meet my senses. Now I don't know about you, but this little treasure just oozes 1950s charm like a James Dean film... imagine black mustang with red bucket seats tearing through the Arizona desert whilst the late Mr Dean lavishly splashes cologne over his face... ahhhh... those were the times! now the pics...

Found in Italy although probably French made

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