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New French & English Vintage Antiques in our NEW SHOP!

Currently my family and I are at our holiday home in France. And as you do in France, we like to spend our time walking the many "Brocantes" or second hand markets that spring up in the rustic villages around the province of Les Vosges.
This year has turned up quite a few interesting little treasures of which all can be bought in our NEW ETSY SHOP. We had a focus on selecting some little easyily posted items that are also not so fragile. What we found was quite a mixed bag with some fantastic surprises that we couldn't pass up!

For example take this gold painted Victorian period decòr (circa 1890) of a Cherub playing:
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c.1890 Gold painted wood with velvet background

Cherub playing harp
And staying on the Cherub theme we found this rather cute little decoration:
Circa 1890 - 1910 Cherub wood carving
Hand carved, French decorative house piece

In the same market we found this early 20th century perfume bottle in-cased in a decorated metal frame:
Metal in-cased blue perfume bottle (c.1920 - 1930)

French, highly collectible

Image showing relative size

 Another little surprise were these (x2) 20th century decorative, baby warming plates. They keep the food warm by adding hot water to the dish:
Early 20th century (c1920 - 1935), French made.
Scene shows a cute bunny rabbit eating carrot.
Off-set by a beautiful gold gilt with matching rabbit water stopper
Another cute rabbit scene from a later period (French c1950s)
Please note this ceramic dish, although very cute &
highly collectible, does not have a matching stopper

Strangely for being in a remote part of France we also came across this rather beautifully English transferware coffee pot:

English transferware
Early 20th century (c1910-1920)

Staying in the English theme, how about this highly decorative metal tea caddy probably dating from the 1950s:
English made Tea Caddy in tin

Or for those ceramic lovers, how about this blue and white water jug probably dating from the early 19th century during the Edwardian period (circa 1920):
Blue & white ceramic water or milk pitcher (c1920)

And lastly, the greatest treasure of them all... a hand painted ceramic Faience Soupiere (Soup holder) dating from the mid 19th century (circa 1870) signed by R.B. and in total perfect condition as it had been in the same family in a  cottage in Northern France, passed down as a treasured heirloom through the generations.

Hand painted French Faience soupiere (soup holder)
dating from the late 19th century (1870 -1890)
In perfect condition with no chips or scrapes

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